Team-building days

Team-building days

We work in conjunction with Dead Sea hotels – including use of the hotel's spa facilities + lunch + coffee and cake
The desert holds countless possibilities for activities that cannot be carried out anywhere else.

In the desert you can go on ATV or jeep tours, enjoy a challenging ride and reach hidden places,
Ride a bike or hike.
Each activity day is built especially for each client according to the nature of the group,
Budget and emphases tailored to the members of the group as a glove.
An extreme competition throughout the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea that combines a journey into the past in the landscape of Genesis in the lowest place in the world.
During the day we will hold group tasks aimed at challenge, bonding and lots of fun.


A common opening mission for all groups, navigation with Ranger vehicles, desert Sudoku at altitude, the secret mission of a luminous side, and the final cipher (common to all groups). We will start with an opening task with all the participants and immediately afterwards we will divide into small groups (up to 20 participants in a group). Each group will receive the group flag and a disposable camera to record the tasks. After a joint opening mission for all the groups, we will go out in small groups to an extreme competition throughout the Judean Desert.
Navigating with self-driving Rangers:

Each group will receive an ancient treasure map and follow it on ranger vehicles to an ancient treasure site, along the way participants will have to solve riddles scattered around the area of inscriptions in ancient Hebrew. Solving the puzzles will help them collect the treasure hidden in the heart of a clay stream.

Sudoku at heights:

The immersive and unique game will be performed as a challenging mission at high altitude. Participants must fill out a huge six-meter-high Sudoku board using a special climbing beam for the task.

Refresh break:

Popsicles, seasonal fruits, soft drinks.
Back to tasks ...

Breakfast/lunch can be added on a variety of levels

Enclosures and shading according to the group's requirements

Zohar's Secret Mission: A Zohar side hidden in the heart of a Zohar stream on an impressive Hvar hill holds an ancient secret.
The secret will have to be solved by the group by fulfilling various code tasks. Each mission entitles the group to a key that may open the box where the secret is hidden.

Among the missions: a huge memory game, the riddle of the "labyrinth", the riddle of the "lost weight" and more...

Listra: In this task, the group will receive Listra parts and will have to assemble it according to a pre-made sketch (only one correct way to assemble...). At the end of the assembly, the group will have to fire bullets at the target.

Final cipher: The final task will be conducted by all groups together against each other. In this task, strategy, thinking and early planning for solving a special cipher are of great importance.

We will be happy to build the next day of activity together with you
  • Desert Treasure Hunt – a scavenger hunt game in a clay stream that combines competition and fun of missions
  • Desert Star – a challenging activity that combines biking, ringers, gifs, walking, abseiling
  • Pampering on the beach – a therapists' tent with pampering flavors for each participant, yoga workshop, mud festival, magazines and rest
  • Moonlight hike – on foot or riding ringers and gifs, with kumzitz or other desert activity
  • A selection of ringer tours from one to four hours in the magical desert