Luxurious portable toilets for events

Luxurious portable toilets for events

Well equipped with all the "facilitators" you would ask for in your bathroom
You won't find such specs anywhere else:
* Mobile car
* Division into 2
* Sink of running water,
* Running water toilets,
* Smell spreader,
*Air conditioners
* Interior mirror,
* Long mirror for the whole body,
* Hand dryer
* Toilet paper dispensers
* Liquid soap dispensers,
* Women's side 2 toilets,
* Men's side cabin service,
* 2 variables.
* No water connection required,
* No need to connect to sewage during activity,
* And most importantly!! During the event, a cleaning man is close by.

Our ambition:

Enjoy luxurious, clean and inviting services at your event, we will take care of your guests personally so that we will place a cleaning person especially for your event. 
Coming to you for the event:

Call and book super quality mobile services for your event today. 

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Luxurious portable toilets for events

Your event reaches its peak, and your guests enjoy every moment. But what about the really important thing?

Luxurious portable toilets for wilderness events are the perfect solution to ensure your guests have a pleasant and clean experience.

Our carriages are equipped with everything you need to make the services a pleasant and inviting place:

  • Divided into 2: one side for women and one side for men, to ensure privacy and prompt service.
  • Sink of running water: so you can wash your hands comfortably.
  • Running water toilets: to ensure cleanliness and good smell.
  • Scent diffuser: To give the air a pleasant scent.
  • Air conditioners: to keep the temperature pleasant.
  • Lighting: to illuminate the place with a pleasant light.
  • Interior mirror: so you can check your appearance before you return to the event.
  • Long full-body mirror: so you can organize comfortably.
  • Hand dryer: so you know your hands are clean.
  • Toilet paper dispensers: so you can wipe your hands.
  • Liquid soap dispensers: to keep your hands clean.
  • 2 variables: to ensure that your guests can use the bathroom even if they are with small children.

Additional benefits:

  • There is no need to connect to water or sewage during the activity: our cars are completely independent, so you don't have to worry about these things.
  • During the event, a cleaning person is close by: to ensure that the toilets are clean and pleasant throughout the event.

Book now the luxurious mobile toilets of the wilderness and make your event unforgettable!

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